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DLG Agrifuture Concpet Winner 2022 - Jury member profiles

For the evaluation of the submitted concepts and technologies for the DLG Agrifuture Concept Winner, the DLG has appointed an independent jury made up of young professionals from the Young DLG and including international and scientific experts. The jury will draw up a shortlist from the applications received at the beginning of September 2022.

Albano Longo Álvarez

  • International farmer
  • Origin: Spain
  • Function: Swine veterinary and agrifood management professional, swine production and livestock R&D Director
  • Focus: Pigs, manure management, sustainable farming and agrifood R&D

Veronika Drexl

  • Young DLG
  • Origin: Germany, Kiel
  • Function: Research assistant at Kiel University (CAU), Institute for Animal Breeding and Husbandry
  • Focus: Pigs

Matthias Gauly

  • Chairman, Professional Mentor
  • Origin: Germany
  • Function: Full professor animal science at Free University of Bolzano (Italy)
  • Focus: Livestock production

Mirko Graff

  • Young DLG
  • Origin: Germany, Simmerath
  • Function: Dairy farmer with grassland, co-fermentation biogas plant and disposal business
  • Focus: Dairy, disposal, energy production

Jonathan Junginger

  • Young DLG
  • Origin: Germany, Biberach
  • Function: Sales Officer Livestock
  • Focus: Dairy cattle feeding, Poultry

Markus Lukas

  • International farmer
  • Origin: Austria
  • Function: Farmer with a chicken fattening plant and biogas plant, chairman of the Austrian poultry industry and poultry cooperative, chairman of the farmers' association (Styria), etc.
  • Focus: Poultry (chicken fatting), energy production

Annechien ten Have Mellema

  • International farmer
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Function: Farmer with a 2-star pigsty, manager of a biogas plant, chairman of Nuffield The Netherlands, member of the Global Farmers Network etc.
  • Focus: Pig breeding, direct marketing, energy production

Heiko Scholz

  • Professional Mentor
  • Origin: Germany, Bernburg
  • Function: Professor Animal production and economics in animal production at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
  • Focus: Animal production, Economics

Hendrik Wallrichs

  • Young DLG
  • Origin: Germany, Berlin
  • Function: Breeder and farmer of beef cattle, consultant for direct marketing
  • Focus: Extensive suckler cow husbandry and landscape

Ralf Wassmuth

  • Professional Mentor
  • Origin: Germany, Osnabrueck
  • Function: Professor Animal Breeding at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture
  • Focus: Animal Breeding, Husbandry

Lena Zirpins

  • Young DLG
  • Origin: Germany, Nordstrand
  • Function: Agriculture teacher, special advisor for calve feeding systems
  • Focus: Calf rearing, Dairy