Invitation service and tickets

Offer your customers free entry to the fair.

There are two versions of the voucher:

  • e-voucher to be sent via e-mail
  • Paper voucher to be handed over personally or sent by post

NEW: The previous VIP card will be replaced by a paper voucher. Only after a successful online registration of the voucher you’ll get a valid e-ticket.

The benefits

  • Details of your visitors become available to you in an online portal as soon as they register. You’ll receive your access data via e-mail after the dispatch of your order.
  • Improved data quality (especially readability) of vouchers that have been redeemed.
  • Only vouchers used at the entrances to the fair in Hanover will be charged to your account. You do not incur any costs for mere registration.
  • Considerable discounts are available on the costs for the vouchers.

Vouchers can only be ordered electronically via the online service.

Contact: Sandra Pereira, S.Pereira(at), Tel.: +49 69 24788-256