Wi-Fi at EnergyDecentral

For exhibitors and visitors free Wi-Fi with the SSID „MESSEfreewifi“ is available in the halls. The bandwidth is up to 2 Mbit/s. Wi-Fi access in the halls is free (max. 3 hours per day).

Important: Free Wi-Fi access cannot always be guaranteed everywhere or all the time and is therefore not suitable for absolutely necessary and secure connection to your own company server!

Alternatively, WI-FI connections with their own SSID as well as cablebased internet access, each with a significantly higher, guaranteed bandwidths can be ordered in our Exhibitor Service Portal.

Exhibitor’s own Wi-Fi
Exhibitors‘ own Wi-Fi networks must be registered by Deutsche Messe AG (see Technical Regulations The registration is free of charge (see Exhibitor Service Portal, service offer INTERNET / WI-FI).

For details please contact:
Ms. Nicole Scholz
telephone +49 511 89-32650
E-mail: nicole.scholz(at)messe.de

Look for "Service offer" - "INTERNET/WIFI"