EnergyDecentral India 5 - 7 December 2017 Mumbai, India

The trade fair for decentralized energy supply from biomass, EnergyDecentral India, will be held for the first time in 2017 in an independent exhibition area parallel to Intersolar India. German and international players in the biogas sector will receive a tailor-made platform for the entry into the Indian market. Professionals will meet for an intensive exchange, to get to know innovative technologies and services.

3 reasons to exhibit at EnergyDecentral India:

  • A total of 12,000 trade visitors from various areas of renewable energies are expected as well 140 professional journalists who make the topic availiable to a broad public.
  • The German Agricultural Society (DLG) organizes speeches on current topics in the field of renewable energies and brings together the individual players. Exhibitors and visitors are welcome to participate free of charge.
  • Professional support by DLG before, during and after the fair as well as the exclusive offer to become a launch partner at special conditions.

A strong team

With its network, DLG is expanding its portfolio of renewable energy products within the biomass sector. Intersolar India focuses on photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage and solar thermal technologies. With more than 12,000 trade visitors, 800 conference participants, 122 speakers and 260 exhibitors, Intersolar is the most important platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers, investors and partners in the solar industry.

Hunger for energy

The Indian government is planning to investments in biomass plants with a capacity of 10 GW by the year 2022. All areas of renewable energies are to be expanded by a total of 1.25 billion dollars.

India is with 1.31 billion inhabitants the second-populous country in the world. The energy consumption is steadily increasing. Due to outdated and inefficient power plants India‘s population is not supplied sufficiently with electricity. Currently over 55% of all residents have no access to electricity especially in rural areas. An increased efficiency is necessary for energy generation and transmission. In 2016, the capacity of net-bound renewable energy amounted to 46 GW, which is 15% of the total energy capacity of the country (307 GW). India‘s problem is to feed the renewable energy back into the overloaded power grid. Remains of food production, energy plants as well as agricultural waste (about 460 million tones per year) have huge potential for biomass production. Furthermore, India has one of the biggest cattle population worldwide whose manure could also be used to produce energy.

Important dates 2017

  • 18 August: Registration deadline
  • 1 September: Start of stand allocation
  • 15 September: Dispatch of stand confirmation
  • 2 - 4 December: Start of stand construction
  • 5 - 7 December: EnergyDecentral India
  • 8 December until 6 p.m.: Dismantling


Martin Botzian
Project manager DLG International GmbH
Tel.: +49 69 24788-290

Irene Ziegler
Sales IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH
Tel.: +49 6221 1357-24

Products on Display

  • Planners / manufacturers of biogas plants
    from project development to turnkey plants
  • Manufacturers / suppliers of plant components
    fermenters, metering, weighing machines, pumps, control systems, construction and insulation materials, energy production, biogas upgrading, safety systems, working materials, heat utilization …
  • Renewable raw materials
    seeds, silos, sowing systems, fertilizers …
  • Agricultural engineering / biomass logistics
    agricultural machinery, automotive engineering, discharge systems for fermentation residues …
  • Services / consulting
    consulting, analysis, support, assessors, financing, farm management software …