Innovation Award registration

Groundbreaking, innovative developments in the energy industry will be rewarded with the "Innovation Award EnergyDecentral" in form of the renowned novelty medals in gold and silver.

Closing date for registrations
9 October 2020, 12.00 MESZ

A highlight of the trade fair!

Submit your novelty product(s) to the innovations competition. All exhibitors of EnergyDecentral, and also of EuroTier with innovations in the energy segment, can participate.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Participation is free of charge
  • Award-winning innovations will be published in the Innovations Magazine (ger./eng. language)
  • Announcement to the national and international trade and business press already before the trade fair
  • All registered products that are evaluated by the commission as an innovation will be published in a separate list
  • Visibility next to the trade fair stand
  • Advertising with award-winning products before, during and after the trade fair
  • Awarding of gold as part of the opening event
  • Medal winners are a contact point for delegations and guided tours

Flyer 2021

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Assessment criteria

Click here for our award and judging regulations.

1. Biogas and biomethane

2. Biofuels

3. Bio engine fuels

4. Solar energy systems

5. Decentralised energy technology

6. Ventilation, exhaust-air and exhaust-gas purification

7. Recycling and disposal systems

8. Safety technology

9. Energy distribution and storage

10. Measuring, control and regulating technology

All approved exhibitors at EnergyDecentral, whose products are within the subjects areas listed below, can participate. This also applies to joint registrations. Participation is voluntary and is not linked to any additional, direct costs. The participant bears the sole responsibility for compliance with all applicable legal regulations and these DLG award and testing regulations.

A product with a new concept for which the function has changed decisively and the use of which enables a new method or has considerably improved a known method, is awarded an innovation gold medal. The importance in practice, the effects on operating and work management, the environment and the energy situation are decisive for the choice. Effects on simplifying work and on work safety are included in the evaluation.


A product for which a known product has been developed further so that a considerable improvement in the function and the method is to be expected is awarded an innovation silver medal. Here the product does not completely meet the criteria for awarding an innovation gold medal. The economic importance in practice, the performance, the quality of work and the operating safety are decisive for the choice. In addition, positive effects on the environmental and energy situation are also to be taken into account.