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Exhibition area: Biogas


The world's largest trade fair for biogas and biomethane

  • Trade Association Biogas as co-organizer
  • All manufacturers of the industry on site
  • Latest trends
  • Illustration of the complete process chain
  • Operators and international audience
  • Great synergies with EuroTier

Nowhere else in the world is the topic of anaerobic digestion so strongly developed and the inventory of agricultural and municipal biogas plants as large as in Germany. As an international trade fair, EnergyDecentral offers a complete range for the entire industry.

Connect with biogas plant operators and trade visitors with investment intentions from around the world. Benefit from the synergies with EuroTier.

EnergyDecentral INSIGHTS -Biogasanlage auf dem Karlshof

Biogas Convention 2020

30th edition, 8 - 10 December 2020, virtual event

The events team is currently working intensively to digitalise the BIOGAS Convention 2020 as well as on new presentations and discussion panels. The Association would like to offer all biogas industry players a convention at which they can obtain the latest information concerning the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG), energy and climate policy, water protection, legal issues, technical requirements, organic waste, the Fertiliser Ordinance and the Ordinance on Facilities for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water, etc. as usual. There will also be plenty of opportunity for interaction, from the discussion with experts and the virtual biogas meeting with other participants up to and including surveys or feedback rounds. An exciting programme will also be on offer for our international visitors. No matter whether field reports from various countries or information concerning legal developments and exciting innovations are concerned, participants from all around the world can join in with just a few clicks.

Biogas Convention 2019 in Nuremberg