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Exhibition area: CHPs

Combined heat and power systems


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CHP technology is the pillar of a regular residual load supply of decentralized energy systems. Components, lubricants and services in the power range from 20 kW to 2 MW are the focus of EnergyDecentral.

In the case of biogas plants, the trade fair has long since established itself both nationally and internationally.

As an exhibitor, they primarily reach operators of biogas plants with biogas conversion units. Due to the high demand for maintenance and service as well as increasing requirements for compliance with emissions, the demand for components and equipment is growing.

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Decision-makers use the fair to make the operation of their plants as efficient as possible and are looking for new and replacement investments in CHP technology.

Power to gas:

In addition to biogas, state-of-the-art technologies are also in focus. A growing number of municipal utilities make clean gas from surplus electricity. CHP technology for the direct generation of electricity from natural gas and natural gas with simultaneous production of heat is a response to the conversion to a sustainable energy supply.