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Exhibition area: solar energy

Solar energy systems and storage

The new target group - farmers

Why exhibit?

  • The time of "return systems" through grid feed-in and promotion is over. Older assets will be reimbursed in the coming years.
  • The installation of new PV systems to cover their own electricity consumption is a lucrative investment. Farmers still have plenty of free space on stable buildings, barns and silos.
  • The electricity demand on farms with livestock is enormous and increases by increasing electrification of machinery and fleet.
  • Farmers are instrumental in making decisions about modules, substructures, inverters and electricity storage.
  • PV is an integral part of the farm on many farms. The technology is well-known, the interest in PV and electricity storage very large. Agriculture is a great opportunity for the solar industry - it is powerful and ready to invest!

Cooperation with Gentner Verlag

Photovoltaics, electricity storage and e-vehicles are electrifying society and keep penetrating new applications. The photovoltaics specialist medium has set itself the task of systematically opening up new, powerful target groups for the solar industry, the manufacturers of electricity storage systems and electric mobility solutions, as well as the of craft of installation.

In close cooperation with the DLG Service GmbH, the photovoltaic editors provide the farmers with comprehensive information about the opportunities of solar self-sufficiency.

215,000 businesses in Germany alone

According to the German Agricultural Society (DLG) in Frankfurt am Main, there are around 215,000 agricultural holdings over one hectare in Germany. Many companies combine agriculture with tourism, strive for nature conservation and offer regional, sustainable gastronomy. The DLG itself has around 30,000 members.

The advantage of this target group:

A very high percentage of farmers in Germany and Austria already know photovoltaics.

Powerful electricity storage in demand

Without efficient power storage, solar self-sufficiency of the companies is hardly conceivable.

Increasingly, electrical equipment and machines are moving into the yards and beaters.

The high demand for heat (incubators, heating, hygienic water heating, drying), ventilation, cooling (cooling and freezing technology in further processing) or power (pelleting systems, agitators, auxiliary equipment) offers further possibilities for storing and using the solar energy on site.

Cover self-consumption of farms

DLG estimates that 60 to 80 percent of companies in Germany already have a solar system. However, these systems feed into the grid because they were built when the feed-in tariff was still lucrative.

The self-consumption of solar power in the farms is becoming increasingly important. Especially as many older plants will be taken out of the assortment in the coming years.

Cool calculator for energy costs

Farmers have almost unlimited land at their disposal and they count cool. This target group always strives to reduce energy costs. Because in this tough competitive environment, low costs for electricity, heat and mobility are an important advantage for companies, if not necessary for their economic survival. Last but not least, the company's own electricity supply protects against grid failure.

Pacemaker of the energy transition in the countryside

In this way, the farmers return as a target group for the solar industry, a powerful and investment-oriented target group. Electrified agriculture is becoming the pacemaker of the energy transition in rural areas and in the metropolitan area.

And you can reach this new and very exciting target group at EnergyDecentral, which will become even more important in the next few years, as the first plants will be phased out in 2021 from the statutory feed-in tariff.