DLG-Forum EnergyDecentral

Hall 25

In addition to a comprehensive overview of the latest products and services of local energy production in agribusiness, the EnergyDecentral also offers a trade forum filled around the clock.

Alternating top-class 45-minute forum events for topics from the fields of biogas, solid fuels and firing technology, cogeneration units and wind, PV and storage technology are open to visitors. At the presentation and discussion forums the focus is on technical information about a current energy production topic. Forum events will be offered not only by DLG expert panels, but also by exhibitors of the EnergyDecentral.

The DLG is supported by strong partners, like VDMA Power Systems, the Biogas Professional Association, the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (FNR - Agency for Renewable Resources) and the Gentner-Verlag publishing house.

The overview of the planned trade forums will soon be available in the calendar of events.