DLG Special: Power Generation in Agriculture

Generation and Use

A true highlight of the trade fair's technical programme will take place in Hall 25. Now for the second time the DLG will organise an interactive, presented event together with EuroTier and EnergyDecentral in order to provide interested persons from the agricultural sector with an understanding of the latest technological trends and business models in a dialogue with experts and based on exhibits on decentralised power generation.

At four topical islands visitors will encounter the latest technologies - from power generation to control and storage to use and distribution of generated power in agriculture.

Special 2.0 - visually stunning, vivid and cutting-edge

Established, highly efficient power generation plants meet both pioneering and visionary concepts there. Whether it's agro-voltaic, solar carports or base-load-capable gas engines – here the energy turnaround is decentralised and part of the agricultural value-added chain.

The focus is on the intelligent use of self-generated electricity. Wheel loaders, robots or drones - an electric drive is a common characteristic of all systems. Here it is important in dependence on need to control, to store and ultimately to use the power generated as projected or to market it for a profit.

Stop by, have a look and discuss with system builders, manufacturers and doers of tomorrow!