EnergyDecentral 2018 with attractive technical programme

As the leading trade fair for decentralized energy supply, EnergyDecentral once again provides an international technical programme with Forums, Specials and information on topical themes in the fields of biogas, biogenic solid fuels, motor systems (combined heat and power plant), wind power, solar energy and smart energy in 2018 as well.

Special: Clever use of renewable energy

Get a comprehensive overview of the feasibility, prerequisites, economy and, above all, existing and future technologies.

Outdoor special: biogenic solid fuels

Learn how unused potentials from straw can be used to generate energy and how new technologies, taking into account increasing emission limits, can provide farmers with much room for savings.

Events calendar

EnergyDecentral will again be the platform for a large number of top-class events, conferences and congresses in 2018. Our event calendar provides a current overview of all important dates.

Campus & Career

Campus & Career is the platform for young people embarking on a career and those who seek further development. Here you can get first-hand information on opportunities in agribusiness. Higher education institutes will also be on site, showcasing their current research projects.

Marcus Vagt, Project Manager, DLG EnergyDecentral Trade Fair, about opportunities and perspectives of decentralised energy supplies.

Marcus Vagt: Decentralised energy supplies deliver the actually required quantity of energy right at the place of consumption. Let’s take the cogeneration of heat and power using stationary gas engines, for example, which offers clear advantages in this context and will certainly play a major role in the future. However, there are also cost-effective biogenic sources of energy that are either derived from manufacturing processes or substantially support regional value creation. Concepts for using waste materials from local energy sources for generating energy are therefore becoming more and more important. Last but not least, storage technologies play an ever greater role in achieving balance between energy demand and energy generation, given that the latter can fluctuate strongly.

Vagt: That’s true; the food industry has a highly differentiated need for various forms of energy, regardless of whether in the form of electricity, heat, steam or cooling. Many appropriate technologies have been available for quite some time and have also been deployed successfully in production systems within the food industry for a long time. Also, the food industry not only generates energy itself, it is additionally closely interconnected with agriculture and to some extent also produces its own substrates for sustainable energy generation.

Vagt: The EnergyDecentral offers particular benefits due to its synergies with the EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for professional animal husbandry. A large part of the trade fair is concerned with grinding, mixing and metering substrates for animal feeds and the bioenergy sector. Transporting liquids and bulk goods in industrial plants, and drying and storing materials are also enormously important, and ultimately all processes need to be controlled and monitored. We believe that all of these topics are equally as relevant to the food industry.