Outdoor special: Biogenic solid fuels – wood and stalk-type biomass

In the current energy mix, solid fuels are becoming increasingly significant as a climate-friendly alternative. Alongside logs, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust and sanding flour, straw and other stalk materials are being used to produce energy. For instance the use of stalk biomass in heating plants can represent a cost-efficient alternative for local heat supply to villages and towns. This is why EnergyDecentral is focusing on the topic of “Biogenic solid fuels – wood and stalk-type biomass” in an attractive live demonstration.

The market for biogenic solid fuels is hotly contested. In order to stand out against the competition through consistent high qualities, suppliers are using certification schemes. EnergyDecentral provides an overview of the range of international certifications.


Oehler are going to showcase firewood machines and a hutch for wood chip or firewood transport.


Fliegl are going to present an exhibit for the wood chip processing by drying.


Veljekset AlaTalkkari Oy is an expert in environmentally friendly heating systems (wood heating) with 60 years of experience in this industry. You will find it in Hall 24 Stand D26.


Himel is going to showcase an installation for the complete processing of bales of straw into straw pellets.


Heizomat is going to demonstrate the line of energy wood processing to wood chips with subsequent thermal utilization.

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