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Together with the EuroTier trade fair, the Hanover exhibition center is transformed into a venue for innovative and future-oriented technologies and offers a full range of products and services relating to decentralized energy generation and its infrastructure.


Clearly structured terrain: The EnergyDecentral and EuroTier 2018 exhibition grounds

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  • Algae and Microcrops

  • Transport and storage

  • The product index allows you to check whether your product fits with EnergyDecentral and the most appropriate area for it.

  • Biogas /biomethane – production and use

  • Solid Biofuels – production and use

  • Liquid Biofuels – production and use

  • Photovoltaics, solar- and wind energy

  • Technology for local energy production

  • CHP-units, fuel technology

  • Ventilation, waste air and exhaust gas cleaning

  • Recycling and waste disposal systems

  • Safety systems

  • Energy distribution and storage

  • Measuring, instrumentation and control

  • Energy supply companies and grid operation

  • Trade in energy materials

  • Services