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Together with the EuroTier trade fair, the Hanover exhibition center is transformed into a venue for innovative and future-oriented technologies and offers a full range of products and services relating to decentralized energy generation and its infrastructure.


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EnergyDecentral - for decentralized energy supply

EnergyDecentral - for decentralized energy supply.

EnergyDecentral takes place at the same time as EuroTier. As an international trade fair, EnergyDecentral has established itself as the leading platform for decentralized energy supply.

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EuroTier - From raw material to the finished product

EuroTier - From raw material to the finished product 

EuroTier offers an overview of products and services for the entire value chain for the production of animal food.

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Inhouse Farming (Kopie 1)

Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show

The DLG's new platform for the agricultural and food systems of the future. 

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Die World Poultry Show 2024: DIE Plattform für die internationale Geflügelbranche. Konferenzen, Events und das internationale Fachprogramm bieten vielfältige Möglichkeiten zum Netzwerken und für den fachlichen Austausch. (Kopie 1)

World Poultry Show 2024: THE platform for the international poultry industry.

Conferences, events and the programme offer a wide range of opportunities for networking and professional exchange.

Clearly structured terrain on the world's largest trade fair grounds:

EnergyDecentral and EuroTier 2024

What is to be found where? And what areas of overlap are there?

Thematic areas EnergyDecentral


Nowhere in the world is the subject of anaerobic digestion more developed and the number of agricultural and municipal biogas plants larger than in Germany. As an international trade fair, EnergyDecentral offers a complete range for the entire industry. Reach biogas plant operators and trade visitors with investment intentions from all over the world. Benefit from the synergies with EuroTier.

Solid fuels

In agriculture, regenerative solid fuels are a way of avoiding expensive heating costs and supplying heating networks with peak loads. EnergyDecentral offers concepts for a complete renewal of heat generation. Whether logs, wood chips or pellets: the fully automatic biomass firing systems offer visitors and, above all, farmers plenty of room for savings - the latest technologies for efficient and low-emission firing are in demand.

Combined heat and power plants (CHP)

CHP technology is the pillar of a regular residual load supply for decentralised energy systems. Components, lubricants and services in the power range from 20 kW - 2MW are the focus of EnergyDecentral. The trade fair has firmly established itself both nationally and internationally for companies operating biogas plants. Due to the high demand for maintenance and service, but also increasing requirements for compliance with emissions, the demand for components and operating resources is growing.

Power to gas

Focus on new technologies: the first municipal utilities and municipal utilities are turning excess electricity into clean gas. CHP technology for the direct generation of electricity from hydrogen and natural gas with simultaneous production of heat is a response to the conversion towards a sustainable energy supply.


The installation of new PV systems to cover your own electricity consumption is a lucrative investment. Farmers still have plenty of free space on stables, barns and silos. The demand for electricity on farms where livestock is kept is enormous and is increasing due to the increasing electrification of work machines and vehicle fleets. Farmers play a key role in decisions about modules, substructures, inverters and power storage. PV is an integral part of the business on many farms. The technology is well known and there is great interest in PV and electricity storage.