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Powering new ideas

Energy supply and efficiency are among the defining issues of today's society and, in addition to the impact on our environment, have a significant influence on business success. 

Heat and power generation are an important mainstay for many businesses today, and not just in agriculture. Current developments in the areas of biogas and biomethane, combined heat and power, wood energy, solar, wind and the storage and marketing of energy are opportunities and drivers for sustainable yet growth-orientated economic activity.

The exhibitors at EnergyDecentral 2024 will show in a variety of ways which new, innovative approaches and strategies can be used to promote efficiency on farms and the energy transition.

Biogas as the cornerstone of the energy transition

Interview with Horst Seide, President of the German Biogas Association

"You won't find the word biogas in the German government's power plant strategy" - this is how Horst Seide, President of the German Biogas Association, describes the situation in his industry in the run-up to EnergyDecentral 2024, which takes place in Hanover, Germany, from 12 to 15 November. In an interview with the DLG (German Agricultural Society), Seide calls for a clear signal in favour of biogas and provides insights into the technologies that will be on show at the exhibition centre in Hanover.

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