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Accreditation guidelines for journalists at DLG exhibitions

The accreditation of journalists for the purpose of reporting on DLG exhibitions is based on the recommendations of AUMA described below.

The DLG wants to facilitate journalists' access to information about its events and its company by means of accreditation. Accreditation is granted exclusively for the purpose of journalistic reporting and is valid for the duration of the respective event.

Press accreditation can be obtained:

  1. holder of a valid press card of a domestic or foreign journalists' association without branch reference.
  2. holder of a valid press card of a domestic or foreign journalist association with thematic reference to the trade fair.
  3. persons from Germany or abroad who can prove their journalistic (also photojournalistic) activity as follows:
    • by submitting original articles with their names which are not older than six months at the time of the event,
    • by presenting an original imprint in which they are named as editors, permanent editorial staff or authors and which is not older than six months at the time of the event,
    • by submitting an original written order from an editorial office with reference to the current trade fair,
    • by means of a web link to a self-created online publication that is established in the respective trade fair community. In these cases, advance accreditation is required due to the increased testing requirements.
    • by presenting proof that they work for school newspapers no more than six months old or by presenting a valid ID card from youth press organisations.

The DLG also reserves the right to further review the proof of journalistic activity, even if a press card is presented. The credentials should be presented in German or English. In individual cases, the DLG reserves the right to additionally demand the presentation of a valid identity document with a photograph. There is no right to accreditation. If necessary, the DLG will exercise its domestic authority.

We ask all media representatives to observe these rules and to make timely efforts to obtain accreditation prior to the trade fair. The online accreditation form can be obtained directly from the press pages of the respective event. There you will also find any special regulations for the events concerned which deviate from the general accreditation guidelines.

Important information:

The technical facilities of the Press Centre as well as the services offered on site, in particular PCs, fax machines etc., are provided exclusively for reporting on the event for which the journalist is accredited. The DLG reserves the right to request documentary evidence of this reporting. In the event of misuse, the journalist may be excluded from using the services. Furthermore, the DLG reserves the right to withdraw accreditation for the event from the journalist concerned in individual cases. In individual cases, the DLG reserves the right to demand current proof of journalistic activity in the form of editorial certificates, current name articles or similar. If the documents are not provided or do not comply with the accreditation guidelines, the DLG may refuse accreditation. There shall be no right to accreditation. DLG reserves the right to exercise its domestic authority for all accreditations.

Service for accredited journalists

During the exhibitions, all accredited journalists have access to numerous services that support their work and ensure fast and smooth communication.

Press Centre

  • Issue of press tickets, parking tickets and catalogues from the day before the exhibition
  • Display of press releases of the DLG and press material of the exhibiting companies
  • PC press workstations with CD-ROM drives, Internet, e-mail and communication interfaces for mobile PCs/laptops
  • W-Lan (free of charge)
  • Photo CDs in the Press Centre, electronic photo mail-order service