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Travelling by car

Recommended navigation system:

Please use the recommended navigation system. Simply download the NUNAV app to your mobile phone for free. Instead of an address, enter EuroTier.

Every user of the NUNAV app receives an individual driving recommendation, which is always coordinated with all other road users. This actively prevents traffic jams.

You can reach the exhibition grounds directly via the A2 and A7 motorways and then via the A37 and the Messeschnellweg (B3 / B6).  

EuroTier will already be signposted on the motorways. Please follow the NUNAV app or these signs!

Download the NUNAV app

Parking Lots

A number of different parking lots are available for visitors.
To the price list...

Traffic information

For the latest traffic information, please visit

Environmental Emission Zone

In order to improve the air quality and reduce fine dust contamination levels, Hanover has introduced signposted official emission zones. Only vehicles carrying an official permit (disc-shaped sticker) are allowed to drive in these zones. The Exhibition Grounds are located outside Hanover’s emission zone. However, as of 1 January 2009 a green official permit is necessary to drive in large parts of the city.

More detailed information about emission zones and official permits can be found on the website of TÜV-Nord. You can order your official permit online there or buy one at any TÜV station or motor vehicle registration point.


Deutsche Messe's campground is a cost-effective alternative for your overnight stays.
Find details about the campground, see here .
Please make your reservation at [email protected] or by phone at: +49 511 8933595.

Navigation aid for bus companies

Please use the recommended navigation system! The NUNAV Bus app transmits traffic corridors and individual journey recommendations directly to bus companies.

Every user of the NUNAV Bus app receives a personalised driving recommendation that is always coordinated with all other road users. This actively avoids traffic jams.


Download the NUNAV bus app