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Media partners EnergyDecentral 2022

Leading specialist publications from Germany and abroad are media partners of EnergyDecentral.

Our premium media partners

As of September 5, 2022


Agriculture in a nutshell. agrarheute is the national trade magazine for modern agriculture. Every month we provide you with information on politics, technology, animal husbandry and arable farming - both in print and as a digital edition. 

Biogas Journal

Biogas Journal is the only German trade magazine with only one topic for the biogas industry with 6 issues per year. With 7,000 copies, it has the highest distribution directly to the biogas industry. The distribution of the German Biogas Journal takes place in Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy and the Benelux countries. Twice a year and exclusively digitally English Biogas Journals reach a large international readership including the European partner associations.


As the DLG's leading specialist medium, the DLG-Mitteilungen stand for agricultural topics, management and independent market information. In addition to in-depth knowledge for day-to-day work in the company, thinking outside the box opens up future prospects.

LZ Rheinland

LZ Rheinland is the trade journal for agriculture in the Rhineland. Week after week, LZ Rheinland provides up-to-date reports from practice for practice on the following topics: Politics, economics, law and taxes, arable farming, grassland, dairy farming, pig farming, poultry, bioenergy, agricultural technology, special crops, market and price, country and family.


With 4 issues per year, the trade journal mais provides detailed, well-founded and practical information on the most important topics for successful maize cultivation. Maize growers, plant cultivation and crop protection advisors, breeders as well as all those interested in maize cultivation can inform themselves in detail about all maize topics such as production technology, utilisation, economics and research. 


Monthly B2B magazine for installers, planners and architects. Leading medium for the photovoltaic industry in German-speaking countries. The magazine and the online portal present current and target group-oriented trends and new applications in the photovoltaic market, like agri-PV, floating PV and BIPV. Independent and useful preparation of specialist information for the planning, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, electricity storage systems, electrical heating technology, hybrid systems and e-mobility.

pv Europe

The English-language website provides professionals in the photovoltaics industry with information about innovative products, business models and regulatory frameworks of the solar sector, storage technology, e-mobility, e-heat (Power2Heat) and green hydrogen (Power2Gas). Another focus will be on Agri-PV and floating PV. Other key areas are the expansion of the European solar industry and the production plants for storage batteries, EVs and stationary storage systems.


Profi Press ltd is the leading group of printed and on-line magazines and websites for farmers in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Covering news, business, crop and livestock production and agriculture machinery topics, Profi Press publishes: 

  • Weekly papers: Zemědělec (Farmer), Zemědělský týdeník (Farmer Weekly), Roĺnícke noviny (Slovak Farmer Weekly)
  • Monthly magazines: Mechanizace zemědělství (Farm machinery), Úroda (Crop production), Náš chov (Our herd)
  • Bimonthly magazine: Energy 21/Renewable Energy (Energi 21)

top agrar

top agrar is the No. 1 agricultural media in the German-speaking world. Every month, the magazine provides up-to-date specialist information and practical decision-making aids for farmers and decision-makers in the green industry. In the digital communication channels, top agrar scores with a high-reach website, newsletters, webinars, podcasts and offers in social networks.

top agrar - we are agriculture!

Our media partners

As of October 28, 2022

agrarheute Energie

The special "agrarheute Energie" is published four times a year. It is intensively dedicated to the growth field of renewable energies and covers the entire spectrum of agricultural energy generation from biogas to photovoltaics and wind to heating with wood in a down-to-earth and practical way.


Every week, the Bayerische Landwirtschaftliche Wochenblatt provides farmers in Bavaria and Austria with information about daily life and work in agriculture. Get the facts and background on current agricultural policy, innovations in crop and animal production and agricultural technology, as well as all important agricultural market prices. In the "Village and Family" section with the topics: Youth + Education, Garden + Health, Household + Recipes, there is something for everyone!


Stormproof for agriculture

  • For generations, LAND & FORST has simply been a part of our farms.
  • Competent technical articles, up-to-date information and strong opinions that are especially important for agriculture in Lower Saxony. Regional like no other.

LAND & FORST. The voice of agriculture. For generations.